A Pearl in the Forest


a film by Director Enkhtaivan Agvaantseren

The movie “A Pearl in the Forest" (Moilkhon) was produced by Idugan Entertainment in 2008. It is based on an original story by B. Bayarmagnai.

This movie was filmed on location near the Buryat village of Dadal in the Khentii province of Mongolia. The participation of many local villagers was a great addition to the authenticity of the film. This remote location (six hours of off-road driving in the Mongolian wilderness) of this village made the logistics of this film very difficult. However, if was very important for Director Enkhtaivan to film there.

The film was presented during the 7th Third Eye Festival of Asian Cinema 2008, in Mumbai, India. Selected for the "Spectrum Asia" category, it received a very warm reception. The film was also selected to appear in the Buffalo International Film Festival that took place on October 9-27, 2009 in Buffalo, NY. It also won the first prize award during the Buryat Film Festival that was held in Ulaanbaatar in 2010.