The Sky Son

(Tengeriin Khuu)

a film by Director Enkhtaivan Agvaantseren

The movie "The Sky Son" (Tengeriin Khuu) was produced and released in Mongolia in 2014. It is based on an original story by B. Bayarmagnai. The purpose of this film is to portray the form of Shamanism specific to cenral Asia called Tengriism.

The story takes place amongst the Dukha (Tsaatan) tribe of reindeer herders, in the beautiful province near lake Khövsgöl, in northwestern Mongolia.

This movie was shot on location, in the remote Khövsgöl Aimag province of Mongolia. It relates the extraordinary story of the son of a humble nomad family who has been chosen to become a shaman. As usual, Director Enkhtaivan included many local villagers, adding greatly to the authenticity of the film.

This movie is based on an original story written by B. Bayarmagnai and is available as a paper book and ebook.