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Idugan Entertainment continually produces films, documentaries, TV shows and music videos to promote and preserve Mongolian culture and history domestically and internationally.

A Pearl in the Forest (Moilkhon) was one of the first films aimed at retracing the history of the different ethnic groups that compose Mongolia. It was also one of the first films to openly relate the events of the 1930’s and the impact of the rise of Soviet communism on Mongolia.

The film was shot in the real location where the events took place, near the Buryat village of Dadal, in the Khentii province, in north-eastern Mongolia.

The movie "The Sky Son" (Tengeriin Khuu) has been released in Mongolia. It is based on an original story by B. Bayarmagnai. The purpose of this film is to portray the form of Shamanism specific to this part of Asia, Tengriism.

The story takes place amongst the Dukha (Tsaatan) tribe of reindeer herders, in the beautiful province near lake Khövsgöl, in northwestern Mongolia.

A street cleaners life is turned upside down when the death of a young woman results in her spirit haunting him.

BARDO is a modern Mongolian film, filmed by Idugan Entertainment, made to convey a message of spiritual awareness.

Set in the 9th century, this film is a portrayal of the Secret History of the Mongols (the oldest and most accurate history of Mongolia).

It portrays the story of the Swan Princess and the Khoritumen (one of the first nomadic tribes of Mongolia).