Idugan Entertainment produces documentaries to promote and preserve Mongolian culture and history.

The movie "The Sky Son" (Tengeriin Khuu) is currently being produced. It is based on an original story by B. Bayarmagnai. The purpose of this film is to portray the form of Shamanism specific to this part of Asia, Tengriism . The story takes place amongst the Dukha (Tsaatan) tribe of reindeer herders, in the beautiful province near lake Khövsgöl, in northwestern Mongolia.

Ice Festival

Idugan Entertainment filming the Ice Festival on Lake Khovsgol. The Ice Festival has been celebrated each year since 2002. The Ice Festival is celebrated by the people who lives around Lake Khovsgol and Russian people living around the border. The festival is celebrated with various activities such as horse sleigh races, ice sculptures, ice skating, etc. It is also a shamanist offering and sharing the ways of Tsaatan people's living.

Mongolian Falconers

Filming Mongolian Falcon hunters.

Doctors of Nature

Documentary "Doctors of Nature" (Baigaliin Emch) (in-production)

  • Documentary "The children of Ghenggis Khan" (2004)
  • Documentary "Khan Khentii Mountain" (2003)